Roofing Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Cost

Errors are uncommon, particularly in the roofing industry. From using the wrong contractors to a repair task done wrong, numerous things can happen when trying to get an excellent roof above your head. As an individual who owns a business or a home, it is imperative that you know the common roofing errors. This enables you to get your money’s worth, avoid significant and expensive mistakes, and maximize the benefits of the house top.

Here are the most common mistakes:

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Taking The DIY Route Instead of Using a Contractor

There are numerous articles online that encourage people to install or conduct roof repairs on their own, but if you think you will be saving money by doing it on your own, you couldn’t be further from wrong.

Typical business owners and homeowners spend most of their time on other tasks and roof installations, and repairs are not something they are well-versed in. Keep in mind that roofing contractors have spent years in training and know everything regarding home tops, from safety measures to the best materials to use and the different installation techniques.

Re-using Flashing

Roof flashing is the metal sheet that prevents water from making its way into your house. It diverts the water away from the top to the gutter system.

A lot of people assume that it’s safe to reuse flashing when replacing roofs and some even claim that they have done it many times without experiencing any issues. However, keep in mind that an old piece or  flashing is not as long-lasting or effective as the new roofing material. As such, it is best to replace all the components when getting a new roof to ascertain that your house is fully protected.

Installing New Shingles Over the Old Ones

It is possible to lay new shingles over the old ones, but not without significant risks. The primary reason people decide to do this is to save money. Ideally, the installation process becomes more straightforward as the contractors don’t have to go through the daunting task of removing the old shingles.

Here are a few reasons why an overlay isn’t recommended:

1. Multiple shingle layers add weight to the roofing

2. Old and curled shingles become visible through the new layer

3. Dealing with a two-layer shingle removal in the future will be even more tedious.

Failing To Have a Preventive Maintenance Plan

Even if you are not a professional roofer, there are simple steps that you should take to take care of your house. Here are a few tasks you can regularly do to ensure your roof stays in good condition.

1. Keep the gutters free of debris. Drains that are clogged tend to prevent ideal drainage of rainwater.

2. Cut the tree branches that touch your home.

3. Check for signs of damage, both outside and inside the building or house.

4. Promptly report any signs of roof damage to a reputable contractor.

Preventive maintenance helps avoid expensive repairs and a lot of hassle.

Poor Attic Ventilation

Attics that are not adequately ventilated tend to damage roofs. This is something that most individuals are unaware of. You should always ensure that your contractor inspects the attic as well as the ventilation system.

If not, insufficient ventilation could lead to problems, particularly when temperatures are soaring during summer. Moisture tends to build up from the decking, causing damage to the shingles.

Postponing Essential Repairs

You should never put off a repair regardless of how menial or simple it is. Procrastination has numerous severe repercussions. By delaying, you allow the damage on the roof to extend. A lot of homeowners end up dealing with roof replacements because they failed to call their contractor to do a minor repair job.

Keep in mind that roofing problems do not go away on their own and only get bigger as time goes by. So, save your roof by contacting a reputable roofer the instance you notice a sign of roof damage.

Hiring Fly By Night Contractors

These are merely contractors that show up to your residence after a storm and insist you avail of their services for your roof repair needs. You should avoid such people as they are usually scammers. Do your homework and ask for multiple written estimates from roofers with an excellent reputation. Before you hire them, you should ask for a copy of their insurance and license and avoid paying in advance.

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